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Spanish Wine Forum No.2

BETWEEN TRADITION AND REBELLION A great educational event about the diversity of one of the most fascinating wine counties in the world: SPAIN! Enjoy 6 masterclasses with tastings presented by experts and producers, taste over a hundred of Spain's best and most...


The Dénominacion d’Origen Cava was established in 1975 but the production of sparkling wines based on the traditional method goes back to the 19th century when producers got inspired by French winemakers who during the phyloxera crisis came buying white base wines...

DOCa Rioja News

The DOCa Rioja has introduced a number of changes in the regulations. These changes concern the Reserva and Gran Reserva categories, but also create new categories related to the origin of the wines. Finally, also sparkling wine from Rioja gets a new legal position....


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by | Mar 9, 2019