Hoping you all are staying home, safely!

In order to make the most out of these difficult times, hereby announcing a new wine project:
Wine’ing during Covid-19, 15 mins Wine Talks
Frank Smulders MW + Irem Eren DipWSET
Monday to Friday, 19:00 CET live at instagram @russian_winelife

Weekly Program & Topics

Week 1

Monday, March 23: How Covid-19 Impacts Wine Industry?

Wednesday, March 25: How to Make a Wine Cellar at Home?

Friday, March 27: Investing in Fine Wine

Week 2

Monday, March 30: ‘Elegance in Wine’

Wednesday, April 1: Old Garnacha Wines

Friday, April 3: Cork vs screwcap?

Week 3

Monday, April 6: ‘Aging potential in Wines’

Wednesday, April 8: How to Define Quality in Wine?

Friday, April 10: Easter Break

Week 4

Monday, April 13: Easter Break

Wednesday, April 15: Why 100 points system sucks?

Friday, April 17: An update on how Covid-19 impacts wine industry?

  • Be on time and wait for the live session.
  • Questions, comments and topic suggestions are welcomed.
  • Join our live sessions at @russian_winelife and @iremeren